Carl Prior DVM

Meet the friendly staff at Park City Pet Resort!

Carl Prior
(Owner and Founder)

Growing up in a rural farming community, Carl Prior fell in love with animals.  After completing his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University, he completed his DVM at Colorado State University's renowned veterinary teaching hospital.

While working at a large veterinary practice in Salt Lake City, Dr. Prior, an avid athlete, swap laps-it was while swimming that his creative mind formulated his unique philosophy for his own veterinary practice and pet resort.

Dr. Prior's practice is based on three principles: a proactive approach to wellness care; stellar diagnostic and surgical services, and compassion. Sometimes his loyal staff struggle to keep up with his high energy.  However, inspired by his quick wit, willingness to teach, and vision, they do.

At the Park City Pet Resort, clients are welcomed into a homey environment by his handpicked pet support staff. Dr Prior's patients are his priority, but he makes sure his human clients are comfortable, too; he actually gives his private cell number to clients. Dr. Prior makes house calls; responds to calls in the middle of the night; and even takes animals home with him to recover.

His big heart supports local rescues. From Edwardo, the one-eyed tripod cat to Princess, the rescued Bermese Mountain Dog with a tumor the size of a grapefruit, Dr Prior saves those discarded by others. Dr Prior sacrifices his personal time to deliver puppies and perform emergency surgery for local shelters.

Dr. Prior is renowned and appreciated by his clients for his expertise, tenderness, and commitment.


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  • "I would never board my cat anywhere else! My cat is a Bengal who definitely has special needs. Dave and the team spoiled him absolutely rotten during his lengthy stay with them when we went on vacation. I had never boarded him in his life (he's 12), so I was nervous. The team took such great care of him, I simply couldn't believe how relaxed he was when I came to get him! Thanks for all you do!"
  • "My dog Charlie has been boarded twice for 5 days each time at the resort. We have been very happy with the service. He seems healthy and happy when we pick him up. The facility is very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the resort."