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What clients are saying about Park City Pet Resort

❝Stella really enjoys her visits and the social aspect of being with other pups. This past visit she developed an infection from something she got stuck in her eye during a hike before we dropped her off. Dave took her to Dr. Prior's office for the care she needed in our absence. Exactly what we would have done! Thanks Dave!❞

❝Shelby loves to go to the Pet Resort. He practically drags us into the office when we arrive – he is so excited! He has always come home healthy and happy.❞

❝Chewie and Samantha are thrilled to hear about the pet resort! Congratulations to Dr. Prior and the entire staff.❞

❝I am sure Parley will want to come and romp with his friends from time to time. I also think he will want to take advantage of boarding there occasionally. I will bring him by to take a look. Best of luck with this new project.❞

❝Lola and Finn are very safe happy and comfortable when boarding at the Pet Resort.❞

❝Hedy and Dodger did great at the pet resort and came home happy. We will come again.❞

❝Dave and crew are the best!!! Bridget actually gets so excited when we take her there. Very clean and large area.  Highly recommend!!! ❞

❝My dog Charlie has been boarded twice for 5 days each time at the resort. We have been very happy with the service. He seems healthy and happy when we pick him up. The facility is very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the resort.❞

❝I would never board my cat anywhere else! My cat is a Bengal who definitely has special needs. Dave and the team spoiled him absolutely rotten during his lengthy stay with them when we went on vacation. I had never boarded him in his life (he's 12), so I was nervous. Dave and the team took such great care of him, I simply couldn't believe how relaxed he was when I came to get him! Thanks for all you do!❞

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