Boarding Policies

o Reservations: They are to be made as soon as possible to ensure availability. Please know our confirmations and rejections are sent via email. We do always have a waitlist if needed. 

o No walk-in’s as of August 2021 (please always call or email or request online)

o Holidays: All Major holidays accrue an extra $10 per day/night and per dog/cat.

o We are closed to the public on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Drop off and pick ups will not be allowed. Please arrange to come a day before or after. All other holidays we are open to the public with regular business hours and drop of and pick up times. o Cancellations: Please communicate with us to cancel if needed. There is no fee, we just request you let us know ASAP. If you do not show up within 48 hrs. of your check in date, the reservation will be deleted.

 o General Health:  All pets at Park City Pet Resort must be healthy and free of any contagious illnesses. If your pet is exhibiting any symptoms that may suggest illness, such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny eyes or nose, vomiting, lethargy, or diarrhea, we will not be able to admit them at our resort. Pets with fleas, lice or tick problems will be bathed at the owner’s expense. Our house brand of pet food is Science Diet. If you are feeding your pet something different, please bring it in a re-sealable container or bag, as changing food can cause a severe upset stomach.

o Medication: Park City Pet Resort will give all medications as specified. Please make sure all medication is clearly labeled and dosage instructions included. We are able to administer medication only during our business hours of 7AM – 6PM. This means we are not able to provide any medication that is required after 6 PM.  We can take diabetic pets, however they have to be approved by Dr. Prior, before stay. 

o Pets Belongings: Park City Pet Resort provides each pet with either a raised Kuranda orthopedic beds so your pet is comfortable or you are welcome to bring what ever you like (treats, blankets, hard chew toys/bones) however we cannot guarantee that they will be in the same condition.

o Pick up by non-owners: We will not release your pet to anyone other than who is on the authorized list. You are more than welcome to have someone pick up for you but please make us aware. o Failure to pick-up: After 14 days of NO contact with owners or emergency contacts we will consider your pet abandoned. Park City Pet Resort will report any abandoned animal immediately and take appropriate action if not picked up. 

o Intact Pets: We accept pets who haven’t been spayed or neutered yet. All pets with have an additional charge of $10 per pet and per day/night. Non-negotiable. 

o Vaccinations: Park City Pet Resort requires all pets to be up to date on the following vaccinations: Dogs – Bordetella (intra-nasal, or shot) Rabies and Distemper/parvo combination (DHPP, or DAPP, or DHAPP). Cats: Rabies and FVRCP. If pet is not up to date and we do not have verification or records we will not allow the pet to stay. We do make exceptions for certain situations, ages, and your pets health if they cannot have a vaccine for whatever reason. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

o Pets Behavior: We understand that all pets have different quirks, or fears, or needs, or doesn’t like dogs; for that reason, we do offer one-on-one play time. These pets are able to have the same play time outside as group play. 

o We unfortunately are not able to take dogs for the following reasons (every dog gets a chance with us to make sure they are suitable for boarding and daycare for their safety and other pets and the employees) :

Continuous destruction of Park City Pet Resort, this means kennels and property.

Non-stop constantly barking dogs, we want to limit the barking so other pets staying at the resort are not stressed out with the noise, and employees are able to communicate with the pets and each other for the pet’s safety.

Animals who not vaccinated.  This is for the safety of your pet’s health and the health of all the other pets in the resort. We want to make sure your pet is healthy and happy during their stay! 

Any pet who shows aggression. In regards to animals, and employees we will not be able to take a pet if it has bitten/attacked another pet or a human previous to their stay and during.  Employees are trained on all types of aggression and understand sometimes it happens. However, if this is an unprovoked attempt then we will no longer be able to provide care for your pet. 

**If you have ANY questions regarding these new policies please reach out and speak to Management.**


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  • "I would never board my cat anywhere else! My cat is a Bengal who definitely has special needs. Dave and the team spoiled him absolutely rotten during his lengthy stay with them when we went on vacation. I had never boarded him in his life (he's 12), so I was nervous. The team took such great care of him, I simply couldn't believe how relaxed he was when I came to get him! Thanks for all you do!"
  • "My dog Charlie has been boarded twice for 5 days each time at the resort. We have been very happy with the service. He seems healthy and happy when we pick him up. The facility is very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the resort."